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Schemes offered by government and other organizations assisting owners in carrying out rehabilitation works and handling related matters.


1. Voluntary building assessment

Hong Kong Housing Society

Voluntary Building Assessment Scheme

Buildings certified under the VBAS will be recognized by the Building Authority as having fulfilled the requirements under the MBIS and MWIS.



2. Reporting of suspected criminal offence

Hong Kong Police Force

RenoSafe Scheme

Crime prevention publicity scheme launched by Hong Kong Police Force for building renovation.



3. Advisory service for BM dispute

Home Affairs Department

Free Mediation Service Scheme for Building Management

To assist relevant parties in resolving disputes over building management.


Free Legal Advice Service on Building Management

To provide assistance for building management or daily operation by offering free legal advice.


Panel of Advisors on Building Management Disputes

To help resolve complicated building management disputes. The panel (including lawyers, accountants, surveyors and property managers, etc.)will offer neutral, authoritative and professional advice to the parties concerned.


Building Management Dispute Resolution Service

Steered by a retired Judge/Judicial Officer with relevant experience in dealing with building management cases. To assist the parties in identifying issues in the dispute, exploring and generating options, with a view to reaching settlement of the dispute.



4. Strengthening support in BM

Home Affairs Department

Pilot Scheme on Advisory Services to Owners’ Corporations

A property management company to provide eligible OCs with free advisory services on building management.


Central Platform on Building Management

To strengthen support in building management and large-scale maintenance projects etc, regular briefings will be organised.