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To enrich owners with better knowledge of price levels in the building rehabilitation services market, the Building Rehabilitation Platform, after discussing with the industry, has established a cost reference centre which comprises two sections:

1) Reference Unit Rate
Having thoroughly examined, analysed and consolidated the contract price data of previous buildings rehabilitation works, the Reference Unit Rateare generated along with application guidelines, to provide users with unit cost reference on major rehabilitation work items for common areas of buildings (e.g. repair of concrete, repair and repainting of external walls, replacement of drainage pipes, etc.).

2) Rehabilitation Projects Cost Reference

This section contains references on the total contract sum of works that were implemented under various building rehabilitation schemes administrated by the URA. For details, please click here.

Reference Unit Rate

Reference Unit Rate

Building Rehabilitation Platform concludes 25 typical works items in building rehabilitation works for common area and formulating its “Reference Unit Rate” for public reference.