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While timely maintenance of common areas of a building is important, the same attention should also be given to individual units. Currently various subsidy schemes are offered by the URA, Hong Kong Housing Society and the BD to promote just that.


Under the repackaged IBRAS, various services and subsidies such as Home Renovation Interest-Free Loan and Building Maintenance Grant Scheme for Needy Owners will be offered to qualified owners based on their needs.


Owners who apply for IBRAS for their individual units will receive suitable technical and financial support from the URA based on their criteria met, the building conditions as well as rehabilitation needs. Through the consolidation of  building rehabilitation schemes and simplified application procedure, the URA believes that the smooth implementation and progress of building maintenance works can be facilitated, in that owners are encouraged to implement relevant works in provision of proper maintenance and repair of their buildings, whereby safety and hygiene of buildings can be improved, with their life span effectively extended.