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Second Round Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme 

(Application for the 2nd Round "Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme" has been closed on 30 Sep 2020)

The Government has partnered with the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) to implement the "Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme" (LIMSS) to promote lift modernisation Note 1 in the community through provision of financial incentive with appropriate professional support to eligible building owners of private residential or composite (commercial and residential), thereby enhancing lift safety.

Note 1: Applicable to traction lifts only.


Eligibility Criteria

A building participating in the LIMSS must meet the following criteria:

1. The building Note 2 is a private residential or composite (commercial & residential) building (including a building held by a Civil Servants' Co-operative Building Society ( “CBS)); and

2. The lifts in the building have not been equipped with any or all of the “essential safety devices” specified in Paragraph 1 of “Scope of Works/Services Covered by the Subsidy” ; and

3. The average annual rateable value of all the domestic units in the building in 2017/18 should not exceed HK$162,000 in urban areas (including Shatin, Kwai Tsing, Tsuen Wan); while not exceed HK$124,000 in  New Territories.

4. Applicant must submit an application before tenders for the consultant or/ and registered lift contractor have been invited. (Except for the circumstances specified in Paragraph 7.3 of Application Notes for Second Round Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (AN-LIMSS(2))

Note 2: Excluding buildings / estates solely owned by the Government, individuals or organisations.


Owner's organisations and Applicant's Representatives

  • If an owners’ corporation (OC) has been formed, the OC shall be the Applicant when submitting the application to URA.
  • For buildings without an OC (including those held by CBS), all owners collectively or the CBS (as the case may be) shall be the Applicant when submitting the application to URA. Please read the “Application Notes for building without Owners’ Corporation” in Annex I to the IBRAS Application Form for the application requirements and details.


Application Period

Second round application will open on 6 January 2020, Applicant must submit the duly completed Application Form and the documents specified in Paragraph 3.3 of AN-LIMSS(2) to URA on or before 30 Sep 2020, through (i) Online  or (ii) by post or in person to URA Office. (For details please refer to AN-LIMSS(2))



Scope of Works/Services Covered by the Subsidy

Subsidy applicable to the lift modernisation works below:

1.  Addition of “Essential safety devices” (Except for circumstances specified in Paragraph 7.3 of Application Notes for Second Round Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (AN-LIMSS(2), the following devices must be included in the application made under the LIMSS if such devices have not been equipped in the lift)

(i) Double brake system;

(ii) Unintended car movement protection device;

(iii) Ascending car overspeed protection device; and

(iv) Car door mechanical lock and door safety edge.


2. Addition of “Optional safety devices” (If the following devices have not been equipped in the lift, addition of each missing optional device will be covered by the subsidy under the LIMSS)

(i) Intercom and CCTV system;

(ii) Obstruction switch; and/or

(iii) Automatic rescue device.


3. Lift drive replacement and associated works where it is technically necessary or more cost-effective in order to install the “essential safety devices” specified in items (i) to (iv) of Paragraph 1 above.


4. Complete replacement of a lift which has not been equipped with any or all of the “essential safety devices” listed in items (i) to (iv) of Paragraph 1 above.


5. Subsequent follow-up services during defect liability period for the related safety devices in Paragraphs 1 to 4 above but exclusive of routine maintenance services.


6. URA will arrange free consultancy services for the scope specified in Paragraphs 1 to 4 to the Applicant. If the Applicant requests for  any additional service(s), the Applicant shall bear all the additional expenses for the relevant consultancy services incurred. Details of the scope of free consultancy services, together with the fees of additional services and payment method, will be listed in the service agreement. If the Applicant opts to appoint their own consultant to co-ordinate the lift modernisation works, relevant consultancy fee will be subsidised.


Level of Subsidy

Once the application is approved, owners will be granted the following subsidies:

1. Owners may receive subsidy up to 60% of the total cost of the works and follow-up services specified in Paragraphs 1 to 5 of “Scope of Works/Services Covered by the Subsidy” per lift; and the consultancy fee of owner appointed consultant specified in Paragraph 6 of Scope of Works, subject to a cap of HK$20,000 per lift. The total amount of subsidies for the cost specified in Paragraphs 1 to 5 of “Scope of Works/Services Covered by the Subsidy” and the consultancy fee of owner appointed consultant (if applicable) is capped at HK$500,000 per liftNote 5;

2. Eligible elderly owner-occupiers aged 60 or above in the building concerned can receive subsidy of full cost of relevant works Note 6 and consultancy fee of owner appointed consultant as specified in Paragraph 1 above (if applicable) that they have to contribute, subject to a cap of HK$50,000 per domestic unit Note 5. Eligible elderly owner-occupiers should fill in the “Integrated Building Rehabilitation Assistance Scheme (IBRAS) Application Form for Owners of Individual Unit” by themselves and submit to URA within the application period specified in Paragraph 6.7 of “AN-LIMSS (2)(EOO)”. Please refer to “AN-LIMSS (2)(EOO)” for details.

Note 5: For examples of the calculation of the subsidy level, please refer to Annex I of this Application Notes. (AN-LIMSS(2))
Note 6: The subsidy amount shall be determined in accordance with Paragraph 7.15 of AN-LIMSS(2).

3. For CBS buildings approved for participating in the LIMSS, members of the CBS may apply for subsidies for elderly owner-occupiers specified in Paragraph 2 above for their units.


Other Subsidies

1. Subsidy for formation of OC

To encourage the building owners to form OC to carry out building repair works, the Applicant of this Scheme will be granted a subsidy of HK$3,000 for forming an OC on condition that the date of issue of the Certificate of Registration of OC falls within 12 months before the submission date of the Application Form of this Scheme, and an “Approval-in-Principle Letter” has been granted to the application for the Scheme.

2. If the Applicant plans to carry out building rehabilitation works and the building fulfil the application criteria for “Common Area Repair Works Subsidy”, the Applicant may make the application for “Common Area Repair Works Subsidy” simultaneously. However, the relevant works shall not duplicate with those approved under the LIMSS. Please refer to “AN-CAS” for details.

3 The Applicant shall not receive duplication of subsidies for each work item. URA may withdraw or deduct the subsidies of the same work item under the LIMSS which has been successfully granted with subsidies / grant under other incentive schemes, e.g. “Operation Building Bright 1.0”, “Operation Building Bright 2.0”, “Common Area Repair Works Subsidy”, “Buildings Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme”, “CLP Eco Building Fund “and “Smart Power Building Fund” etc.

Information above is reference only, for details please refer to AN-LIMSS(2).

LIMSS Poster


"Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme" Outreach Social Services


For residents living in buildings that have participated in the Lift Modernisation Subsidy Scheme (LIMSS) and have only one lift in the building (Category I buildings) or only one elevator serving each floor (Category II buildings), they may encounter difficulties during the lift suspension period. In order to alleviate their difficulties, the Urban Renewal Authority has appointed the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals as the project manager and the following three outreach social service operators to provide a range of outreach social services.


For details of the services, please contact the following outreach social service operators.


Outreach Social Service Operators and Contact Details:

Service Area

Service Operator


Office Hours


Community Support Guide for Lift Modernisation Works

Service Area 1:

New Territories

Sham Shui Po District

The Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Hongkong

3586 9796

Monday to Friday

9am to 6pm



9am to 12:30pm


Closed on

Sundays and

public holidays

Click here to

Service Area 2:

Kwun Tong District

Kowloon City District

Wong Tai Sin District

Yau Tsim Mong District

Tung Wah Group of

2667 3060

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Service Area 3:

Hong Kong Island

St. James' Settlement

5185 5253

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