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In January 2014, the Urban Renewal Authority launched an informative website “Building Rehab Info Net” (

In 23rd January 2014, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) launched an informative website “Building Rehab Info Net” (, the aim of this website is to provide comprehensive information of building rehabilitation sector to the public. The contents include Common Building Defects, Building Rehabilitation Information, Owners’ Corner, Case Sharing and Sustainability in Building Rehabilitation etc.
If anyone wants to know which building rehabilitation subsidy schemes fit his/her needs, he/she can conduct a self-test at the “Selecting Schemes” in the main page, then he/she can reach the suitable choices.
In the “Common Building Defects” webpage, it lists out major common building defects as well as their causes and solutions. For example, defective concrete, defective external wall, water seepage, defective drainage system, defective fresh water pipe, defective gas pipe, damaged electrical installation, lift damage, unauthorized buildings works, defective fire service installation and defective windows.
In the webpage of “Building Rehab Info”, it provides details of building rehabilitation subsidy schemes offered by URA; the related ordinances and references of building rehabilitation sector. In addition, “Building Rehabilitation Procedures” provides a workflow showing the entire procedures of carrying out building rehabilitation works so that public can clearly understand the whole process.
There are more than 100 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) compiled in “Owners’ Corner” webpage which are sorted according to the schemes. In the “Tendering Notice” sub-page, it provides a platform for those buildings who are joining the subsidy schemes of URA to upload their newspaper advertisements for procurement of Register Inspector, Authorized Person and Registered General Building Contractor. This enables the interested parties and companies an effective means to bid the tenders, and the owners concerned should have more options to choose. 
The “Case Sharing” webpage lists out some difficulties and problems arisen throughout the building rehabilitation works process, and some Owners’ Committee members also share their valuable experiences in the process of building rehabilitation works.

“Building Rehab Info Net” also provides English version, simplified Chinese version, text version and also mobile version in order to facilitate needs of different people.