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The final stage of building rehabilitation works involves the conduction of acceptance inspection of all work items and confirmation of work completion. The works contractor should declare completion of works after confirming their compliance with contractual and legal requirements through relevant testing and quality assurance procedures, while the works consultant should accompany owners/OCs to conduct acceptance inspection and document any missing or defective items.


Meanwhile, the works consultant shall also confirm the work completion date and issue practical completion certificate after confirming proper completion of all works in compliance with contractual requirements and regulations. If statutory orders for the building have been received, the works consultant/works contractor are also responsible for the declaration of work completion to relevant authorities with necessary statutory documentation (in compliance with requirements of the law and government departments) and floor plans record submitted/retained to apply for order discharge.

During the defects liability period , owners/OCs shall work closely with the works consultant on the due and proper rectifications and follow-ups of items with remaining defects as documented during the acceptance inspection within a reasonable timeframe by the works contractor.

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