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While interview is not mandatory in the procurement process of work consultant, its practice offers owners a chance to gain a thorough understanding of each consultant and to enquire about the tender contents. Owners/OCs may arrange interviews as they see fit.


Interview flow

In general, invitation to interview should be given to shortlisted consultants in a reasonable timeframe. Each interview should take about 20 to 30 minutes. Owners/OCs may convene a meeting beforehand to discuss and define a pre-set list of interview questions. To ensure fair comparison, the interview duration for all works consultants shall not vary.


Reference questions for interview

Information and background of work consultant

•  Qualification of company directors/persons in charge/engineers
•  Quality control measures
•  Record of lawsuits


Service pricing and contract management

•  Number of professionals provided and reasonable working hours arrangement procedures
•  Arrangement of site supervision


Issues concerning the works

•  Recommended solutions for necessary rehabilitation
•  Knowledge in handling building rehabilitation orders received

After the interviews, owners/OCs should be able to grasp the appropriate scope of and charges for the work consultancy services involved.


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