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Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS)

To facilitate private building owners in carrying out building rehabilitation works to building common areas, the platform has prepared a set of sample tender documents for building rehabilitation works and has requested the owners to engage a HOKLAS lab (or other independent consultant) to carry out hammer tapping test for de-bonded finishes/concrete of external and internal wall (the Services), with objectives to safeguard the independency and accuracy of the hammer tapping test result. 

In order to collect the market information on the availability of HOKLAS labs to conduct the Services, the accredited organizations under the list of HOKLAS (Concrete of Construction Material) were invited to express their interest for providing the Services for private multi-ownership domestic/composite buildings for public information. Those who are willing to provide the Services were shown in the attached list. The information was collected in July 2020 and would be updated at regular intervals. 

The list is not included ALL HOKLAS Lab. Public can visit the following link of HOKLAS and perform your own search: